Payments & Delivery

  • At least 50% of the cost must be paid before development starts. The rest of the payment must be paid before the finish work is delivered.  

  • You can pay via western union, paypal, transferwise, bank transfer, gcash, paymaya, coins ph, bitcoin, etherium, ripple.

  • If finished product is left unclaimed and unpaid for more than 7 days, the result will be offered to other clients.

  • All payments are final.

  • Estimate Delivery Dates may change depending on circumstances or conflicts that arises during development. However, we do our best to add an allowance date for these circumstances as much as possible.


  • Please understand that you're not only paying for line(s) of code, but also for the knowledge that we have that could save you time, and the investigation time done to achieve the expected result.

  • Not all 1 line or even 1 letter/number changed takes small amount of time. Some of them takes a lot of investigation time. Eg. there was this time that a plugin was having a problem, huge one but after long investigation it turns out it was a single dot , yes just a (.) was causing the issue.

  • By default, We assume that the project is exclusive therefore will not release trailers or sneakpeek to other people other than the client that requested it during development and after, without your permission.


  • We will only work on your ideas exactly as you said it, any addition to the idea will also add a cost. We will suggest best methods before we accept a project for best result. So please be sure that you have finalized the idea before having us start on it, or at least be aware of this condition.

  • Revisions regardless of the subject/idea to revise originally came from the client or the dev would have additional cost if it was already quoted.

  • If you did not provide complete details eg. NPC/Source mod User interaction flow(menu structures, dialogues) basically you should write how everything works from input to output, from first npc talk to what happens before and after they close, in each menu clicked. If you did not provided these information We would assume that you want these done in accordance to the dev's own interpretation. Revision of those outputs will have additional cost.

Support & Bugfix

  • Support to fix bugs related to the original quoted task is free of charge.

  • Compatibility update on the our works is only supported up to 1 month, eg. if Hercules/rAthena changed too much that affected the file, it will have an additional cost to update the script.


  • Each task finished shall  not be retailed/redistributed without our permission.

  • Your name, or any detail about you and your idea is safe, and We will not disclose them to anyone else without your permission.

These terms are subject to change anytime.